As you know, The Mummers Parade has been a tradition in Philadelphia since 1901. It was not until recently that this tradition was in jeopardy as a result of budget cuts in the city of Philadelphia.

Today's tough economic conditions make it difficult for The Philadelphia Mummers Fancy Brigade Association to meet those needs without help from people like you. By giving to The Downtowners Fancy Brigade you'll be supporting and helping Mummers provide entertainment and preserve a tradition.

The Fancy Brigade Fest and Finale at the Pennsylvania Convention Center requires a tremendous commitment from Mummers across the Tri State area who not only prepare for months to participate in this parade, but also raise thousands of dollars in donations just to do so. We are an IRS recognized 501c3 organization so your participation, donation or sponsorship will be tax deductable.

There are many organizations out there fundraising for worthy causes, but I hope that you will consider The Downtowners Fancy Brigade and help us preserve the Mummers tradition.

Respectfully Yours, 

Anthony Stagliano
Downtowners NYB